Every year at Murphy Homes we look forward to the release of the Dulux Colour Forecast and we are pleased to say 2022 is looking colourful and exciting!

Here at Murphy Homes we do not underestimate the power of colour.  As an example – bright cheery colours can create a sense of happiness.  Soft blues can help you to feel a sense of peace and some of the ‘pink reds’ are the symbol of love.  “Wonder” a feature palette by Dulux features almost every color in the rainbow and might even remind you a bit of the 70’s. A fun, vibrant scheme that could add joy to your space


Too bright for you? Never worry.

Dulux also has a stunning, elegant, yet calming feature palette called “Restore”. More earthy and connected to nature, these colours have been described as “less but better”. A favorite here at Murphy Homes, these incredible colors are timeless, effortless, and just a little too suave. A look that would surely give character to every corner of your home.



Now, these two palettes couldn’t be more like chalk and cheese and if neither one was your taste, check out “Flourish”. A meaningful colour palette representing liberation after a time of restriction. Featuring bold, luxurious colours representing breaking away, with a few moody colours reminiscent of the past. This palette will be sure to give your home an undeniable, deep, and honest personality.

Do you want to give your home a quick re-fresh? Paint is the easiest and most cost effect way to achieve a ‘new’ look for your home. If you’re looking to brighten up your home or planning your new home, some of the featured colours in Dulux’s 2022 forecast are a sure way to bring new life and energy into your space. We would love to help you find the right palette for your home so you can enjoy the colours all around you.