Stay ahead of the curve.


One of the trendiest design features to see throughout our homes and buildings in 2022 will be curves. Curved walls, arch ways, mirrors, kitchen benches, all the wall through to curved furniture. This trend has been gaining momentum through 2021 and is not going anywhere in 2022!

The beauty about integrating curves into our homes is they create an instant relaxing feeling to an interior space. Curves create a sense of flow and ease that straight linescannot.


Curves remind us of nature and the more organic things in life such as waves and rolling hilly landscapes. The connection to these organic things is thought to make people feel calmer than the harsh, more traditional rectilinear shapes. After the last couple of years living with COVID (if you’ve heard of it) who doesn’t need a more soothing environment?

Adding curves into your house design can be a great way to reinvent the most classic essentials such as a kitchen bench. Suddenly, an essential design component of your home becomes a wonderful, bespoke feature piece.

Looking for something more inexpensive? Round mirrors, basins and baths can be a cost-effective way to bring softness into bathroom space to offset the hard straight lines traditionally seen.

Like all trend’s, curved architecture is not new. Looking back, some of the most iconic structures are curved, case in point – the colosseum. Your home can be transformed to an interesting, fluid and serene space by implementing a few curves here and there. Let us help you create this space!