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Christmas is a time of happiness, family and celebration – so why not let your house tell the story of what that means to you?

“Christmas for many of us is the biggest event of the year in our homes,” interior stylist Emma Blomfield says. Styling your home for Christmas is your chance to have some fun with decorating, add to the happy feelings in your house and, let’s face it, show your house off a little when you have friends over.

We asked the experts for their tips on Christmas styling, to help inspire you this year.

Bring the outside in

Green is a traditional Christmas colour for a reason, so it’s time to incorporate it into your seasonal styling. Use whatever you can find around you: from your garden, around your suburb, or from friends’ gardens, lifestyle blogger Beth Macdonald, of Baby Mac, suggests. “Anything green – pines, new season apple branches, ferns, trees – whatever you have cut down some branches and bring it inside,” she says.
Once inside, your greenery can complement your style in many ways: Macdonald suggests decorated branches for a rustic, country feel, colourful flowers in pots for an eclectic vibe, succulents for a modern look, or go minimalist with simple metallic decorations against soft green gums or pines. “Christmas to me is all about abundance: greenery and lots of it sprinkled around in pots and vases will add to that feeling,” Macdonald says. “It’s a quick, easy and cheap way to bring that Christmas abundance inside.”


Choose your colours

For a polished festive look, it’s helpful to choose a colour palette rather than a scattered multicoloured explosion. “Pick 2 or 3 colours and preferably include a metallic in that,” Blomfield advises. “For example, red, gold and cream make a brilliant Christmas colour scheme.” Those colours can take you through everything: your tree ornaments, home decorations and table set-up. “Candles, napkins, place mats, flowers, bon-bons, vases and tablecloths are a great place to start to introduce your colour palette,” Blomfield says.
While your colour scheme is important, don’t get too carried away either. “Avoid matchy-matchy,” Blomfield says, “and vary the objects and colours around the room or on the table.”


Spread the cheer

Don’t limit your Christmas decorating to the tree or even just to one room of your home; spread the cheer all around the place. Step through each room of your home to find ways of incorporating festivity. Blomfield suggests: “You can have a Christmas tea towel in the bathroom, a Christmas candle burning on the entry hall table, a wreath on the door and a cute display of Christmas trinkets on a buffet table in your dining room.” Have fun with your decorating and it will brighten up your whole home.


From all the Murphy team to you yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a fantastic 2020.